Cool tips and tricks for Google Chrome…

This is a decent post I put out there about Chrome on my businesses website but I figured all you WordPressers out there would enjoy skimming it too. I am going to make a series of these since people like them! More to come. great speed from Chrome-and-news/google-chrome-productivity-tips-tricks

DBA Test/Development Server Best Practices

These are things I learned from a hardware failure of a test server (you might also call it a staging area). So what’s the big deal? Developers should have all their code checked into source control and nothing critical should be on there right?

Sadly no. These are things you should do on your test server to limit your exposure as a DBA.

1. Treat the server as a production server. This includes transaction log backups, backups of user accounts, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Agent jobs, and Windows Tasks.

2. Trust, but verify. Trust the developers to be following best practices, after all your job is to make the company money and so is theirs. Periodically issue correspondence with the developers to verify that nothing is running in a production manner.

3. Get a good snapshot/system image from time to time. If someone or something destroys your server, you have something to fall back upon. This is especially true when developers are creating lots of dependencies in their code to OS level libraries.

Powershell Retrieving Remote System Time

Compare Local Date and Time to a Remote Computer

This is a rather interesting problem. I was doing a comparison between an audit table and a trace for SQL Server, which was proving to be dificult as I soon realized there was latency as well as the system date’s had an offset. So I turned to my good old friend, Powershell. Powershell has a very nice interface for coding against WMI, which I fully leveraged in this code snippet.

#Server name here. 
$ServerName = <Server Name Here>
#Retreive the localtime of the server. 
$remoteDate = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $ServerName -Class win32_operatingsystem -Property LocalDateTime
#Converting a WMI time to a standard datetime format. 
$remoteDate = [System.Management.ManagementDateTimeConverter]::ToDateTime($remoteDate.LocalDateTime)

$localDate = Get-Date

#Displaying the difference. 
$remoteDate - $localDate

Best Mobile Apps For Weight Loss

It is now exceptionally easy to lose weight, thanks to these two apps.

LiveStrong Calorie Tracker

First, and in my opinion the most important is the LiveStrong Calorie Tracker. This app is available as a website or an app for your phone, even Windows Phone 7. You can enter in many different kinds of foods listed in their database or enter your own. Also keep track of your workouts. At the end of the day, if you have calories left over you will lose weight, simple as that.


The other is Nike+. Keep track of your workouts, set goals, and get coaching advice from Nike’s website.

That is the technology behind weight loss. The other half of it is setting goals. For myself I have a life long goal to watch my children grow up and have children of their own. That is my underlying motivation. I also have shorter goals, lose two pounds this week or run 2 miles in 15 minutes. All in all, I’ve lost 20 pounds so far, halfway to my goal, and a lifetime of maintenance. I have noticed that I am much happier now and feel better too. Start enjoying life.

Visual Basic Basics: Visual Basic 2010 – Implicit Line Continuation

VB Line Continuation Operator (_ underscore)

Yay _

no more _

under scores _

for line continuation!!!!!_

It was one of my pain points in VB. Please visit the below, he does a wonderful job explaining it.

Visual Basic 2010 : Implicit Line Continuation – Fryan’s Digital World.

And of course, we all know that Visual Basic is superior to C#:

Honestly I like both, but I am partial to VB, C# is a little more masochistic.

How to Map to Skydrive

This is a great article to show you how to do it and I give him credit:

But there is a problem why would you want those files to be exposed to the public???


See the end that says public? Yeah, you don’t want that, change it to:


This will save it to your documents folder on your Skydrive, much more secure in that not everyone can see your files.

SQL Server Reporting Services ~ Ordering Parameters

Did you get the error when previewing: FORWARD DEPENDENCIES ARE NOT VALID

In SSRS 2005 it was relatively easy to change the order of the parameters, just right mouse click on the report and click on Report Parameters. But they “moved the cheese”. Once you know where it is, it is fast to change. It is now in the Report Data tab. Click on the parameter to move. Up/Down arrows then become highlighted. You can then use those arrows to change the parameter order.